Monday, March 8, 2010

There are no birds in those trees!

My new friend, Birdwatcher Woman (Birdie for short) and I went to In 'N Out for dinner after Creativity Day. Birdie and her sister, Walkie Talkie Woman (WalkTalk for short) were party favors at Artquiltmakers birthday party. WalkTalk is permanently fixed to my wonky altered mirror but Birdie travels with me in my purse. I have been encourage to post the women on my facebook account (I'm Peggy Carroll on facebook - don't ask!) but as I am on dial-up (now fixed hurrah!) facebook isn't an option unless I am at my daughter's or in the office. I'll be working in the office stedily come April so perhaps more facebook is in my future!

Anyway, hope you have enjoyed meeting Birdie. Look forward to her future adventures!

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