Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Birdie at the races

We had a wonderful day last week - dear friends invited us to lunch at the Turf Club at Golder Gate Fields. The day was beautiful - clear and sunny - we could see four bridges and SF and Marin. It was cold but the Turf Club is inside so that didn't matter.

I love the horses and usually bet on the color of the horse! I had spoken earlier to my Mom who goes the the races at Santa Anita with her Senior Center. She said she bets on the jockeys - picking ones who are good but haven't won recently. I couldn't tell who had won recently so I picked the second best in the first race and won! The next race had a beautiful dapple gray mare and I just had to bet on her - she was too beautiful to not get my vote of confidence. I think she is still running.........

Didn't like those results so went back to my jockey formula. Ended up winning something in every race! Ended the day a few bucks ahead. Was so pleased with myself that Saturday I bought a lotto ticket. Really should check to see if I have won the $14 million. I could get wifi for my computer and maybe even get a TV!

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