Monday, March 31, 2014

The Next Top

Have been catching up on blog reading tonight and that has prompted me to blog! As I mentioned in my last blog, Birthday Blooms went to the quilter last Saturday. I was dithering about which quilt top I was going to put together next of the four that I have the blocks done for but that decision was, happily, made for me.

I had blocks for an ABC donation quilt for one of the charities sponsored by my guild and run by a friend at church. My friend, Dessie, pulled me aside, urgently, during fellowship last Sunday to ask if I would drive her to our church camp in June where we would distribute the quilts and spend four days with the kids and families who would be there. Well, I jumped at the chance. So I am working on the ABC quilt top and have it 2/3rds finished. I have chosen the back, a piece of yellow which has been in my stash for eons and which I don't have any plans to use for blocks. I will quilt it myself using the method Ricky Tims  taught at the great seminar artquiltmaker sent me to in February (and I promise to blog about it soon - finishing the cleanout of my mom's house interfeared with that -and I still can't spell interfeared).

Monday, March 3, 2014

Back among the living!

Birthday Blooms

I am  indeed back among the living. Delivered Birthday Blooms to the long-arm quilter Saturday after show-n-tell at Saturday Sampler Block of the Month meeting at Quilters Quarters in Stockton.  I have to say that I am sick of this quilt but everyone who has seen it says it is beautiful so I am ignoring the head voices and believing others.

I realized when trying to photograph this top that when it is raining, there is no where big enough to take a picture in our house. The big guy did his best! He dug out an extension pole used to paint the ceiling (not used in my lifetime, however ;] ) and I pinned the top to it. Worked pretty well, I thought.

Sunday The big Guy and I went to the Manteca Quilters Guild annual show. It is a small show but with quite good quilts.

This is a RickRack quilt that caught my eye. I collected rickrack for a while after getting a bad review of a quilted vest I made where the judge hated the rickrack. I threatened to make a  quilt of rickrack in response. Maybe this will inspire me!

This was The Big Guys favorite. Go to to see why.

My find of the day was two batik jelly rolls for only 14.99 each! I got them from the vendor Merrill-Lee West Quilts & More (916)208-8801. I'm pretty tickled with them. I see a baby quilt for our future granddaughter in them!

My next project is to finish Shoo Butterfly which is for ME! I am going to make a hex braid for the border. At the Boutique yesterday I got three yards of fabric for the back with a large floral print on it. Should be beautiful.