Monday, October 18, 2010


Red Dog and Nixon - best buds!

I forgot my red sketchbook! I am feeling drawing deprived. Not that there is much time to draw because Mom has so many things which need to be done while I'm here. But I can't even fondle the thing ;(
So, I'm going to go to sleep now and leaving you with an image of two of my granddogs.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Out of my head

Was visiting the grandchild last week and he challenged me to draw something original (as opposed to copying a picture) in the red sketchbook. So I did and I surprised myself! Will do more of these.

More sites have been added to the sketchbook tour next spring. Check out the Art Co-op website for places and dates.

I am actually hopeful that I will finish this sketchbook! Although I haven't drawn for a week. The move and the Big Guy (who has bronchitis) have taken up all my time. The Big Guy built huge shelves for my studio and I have spent a lot of time loading them up. To move I combined all the fabric I have into big bins. So one thing I had to do was separate it into colors. That took half a day, it seems. The color bins shared the bed with sleeping sicko Big Guy and Roxy. Those bins are shelved along with lots of art supplies, the printer, radio, and lots of books. I sure do have a plethora of stuff. The box with stuff I don't want has three things in it! Artquiltmaker says I have to do a lot of big art in a hurry to get rid of some of my supplies. Sounds like FUN to me!
It is now a week later...didn't get the above posted in a timely manner but am slogging on anyway. The house keeps me really busy. I have lost ten pounds since I moved in in August. I think, in addition to toting furniture and boxes, just the walk from the kitchen to the master bedroom is a lot more exercise than I have gotten in recent years! Plus we ride our bikes a lot and walk the dog every day. Yahoo - no dieting.

Mom lives close to a Whole Foods market so I splurged and bought four gluten free chocolate cupcakes! They are the BEST! Have eaten two, one a day (oops, is that the lost ten pounds sneaking up behind me?!!!)

Have been working on the food quilt and finished several nine patches. They are 18" square and cover over half of our king size bed. Looks like I will have some patches left ove as I only want it to be a double size. Otherwise it will be too big for me to afford to quilt it!

Well, it is late so I'd better get to bed. We have a big day tomorrow.