Monday, September 19, 2011

Color Obsession using color theory

 The other day I posted "Color Obsession and Movies" commenting that I used every color I had.  Then I challenged myself to do a second "Color Obsession" using some kind of color theory.  The above drawing is the result.  Once again I used the Munsell System, with red and aqua as complements (the closest I had to blue-green) and orange and violet as discords.  I also used a 'color trail' with the discords.  Color trails lead the eye of the viewer from the center of interest through the drawing and back to the center of interest.

In looking at the completed drawing here I can see that I need to add a little violet in the top aqua.  Which, because the drawing is done with markers, will be very easy to do!

 With the addition of some violet on the top of this drawing the viewer's eye is led around the center of interest which is the 'box-like' structure in the top third of the drawing.  In looking once again at the drawing on the screen I'm going to make one more change.

A totally different look to it!  This view is quite dramatic - I don't know, yet, which way will be right side up.

I've included here the original drawing.  I loved it when I finished it but now find it flat and dull.  The latest iteration I find bright and lively.
Comments, anyone?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Color obsession and movies

I've been receiving the Illustration Friday notices since May.  The above drawing is only the fifth one I've completed and I thought I would share it here because I really need to blog about something!  The word for that day was Obsession and the quote, from Claude Monet, is "Color is my day-long obsession, joy, and torment."

The color in this piece follows no theory.  I just drew away with the pens I have.  Often when I draw spontaneously I use every color I own.  For a first draft that is fine.  It would be a good exercise for me to re-do this using some color sense.  Use all the same shapes but with organised color choices.  Stay tuned! That actually sounds exciting.

I was in So Cal for three weeks, staying with my nephew and visiting my mother.  I drove 2500 miles in those three weeks - you're welcome, BP!

Made it home last Monday night and spent a good part of Tuesday asleep!  That must have been what I needed because by Wednesday I was myself again.

The bad news is somehow my washing machine died while I was gone! How can something that was not used, break?  It is a fancy, front loading Whirlpool that I just love.  It is one of my favorite possessions!  How sick is that? LOL The control button - one of many on the thing - says 'control locked'.  So, Monday, I have to call a washer repair guy.  I guess worse things could happen!

Last night the Big Guy and I went out to dinner and a movie.  We ate at a new (for us) place called Rooster Juice.  BG had prepared to order with no slat fajitas and I had a fajita salad bowl in a corn tortilla bowl!  First time I have ever seen a corn bowl.  They are usually flour, which I cannot eat.  So that is on our list of places to go back to.

The movie we saw was that last Harry Potter one.  I really enjoyed it.  BG found it confusing.  It has been a long time since part one and BG didn't read the books so I can see how it would be confusing.  I wondered if they filmed the sequence with Dumbledore at the very beginning?  Or did they use some movie magic to recreate him?

My favorite thing to do is watch movies and this past week was a bonus.  We also went on Wednesday, during the day because we were so hot and the theater has AC.  We saw "Cowboys and Aliens".  It was quite entertaining, too.  Well worth the $3 ticket!

Well, my poor old truck needs some attention so I am taking it for an oil change.  Will try the new mechanic first but if he can't see me today, then SpeeDee will get my business.