Monday, September 19, 2011

Color Obsession using color theory

 The other day I posted "Color Obsession and Movies" commenting that I used every color I had.  Then I challenged myself to do a second "Color Obsession" using some kind of color theory.  The above drawing is the result.  Once again I used the Munsell System, with red and aqua as complements (the closest I had to blue-green) and orange and violet as discords.  I also used a 'color trail' with the discords.  Color trails lead the eye of the viewer from the center of interest through the drawing and back to the center of interest.

In looking at the completed drawing here I can see that I need to add a little violet in the top aqua.  Which, because the drawing is done with markers, will be very easy to do!

 With the addition of some violet on the top of this drawing the viewer's eye is led around the center of interest which is the 'box-like' structure in the top third of the drawing.  In looking once again at the drawing on the screen I'm going to make one more change.

A totally different look to it!  This view is quite dramatic - I don't know, yet, which way will be right side up.

I've included here the original drawing.  I loved it when I finished it but now find it flat and dull.  The latest iteration I find bright and lively.
Comments, anyone?


SewCalGal said...

Color theory is a great topic that is rarely covered in blogland. I look forward to following you and hearing more of your insights on color theory.


MunsellColor said...

Mary, how neat that you went back to yoru drawing and applied color theory -- we hope you don't mind but we've made you our poster-child for the day on FB & Twitter!

MunsellColor said...

Mary, it's neat that you went back to your drawing & recreated it using the Munsell Color Theory. We hope you don't mind, but we're showing you off on FB and Twitter today!