Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Munsel Color System once again.

I haven't blogged about the Munsel System in quite a while but this morning while sitting in my BFFs garden with artquiltmaker Jaye shared a tweet with me that had beautiful pillows which used the Munsell System, either on purpose or intuitively, to good effect.

New York  Beauties by Alex Veronelli, via Twitter

This is red and teal, complements with green-yellow and purple as discords.

I love the Munsell System, the colors always work!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Tutorial Glutton

I made "At The Farm" in a MNAG class with Gwen Marsten eons ago.  

Neither of the pictures in this post are related to the post! Decorative only (coludn't post without pictures!).

I recently started watching tutorials by the Missouri Star Quilt Company ( https://www.youtube.com/user/MissouriQuiltCo I  love all the different quilts Jenny makes and how simple they are.

My current two favs are the foundation pieced Spider Web quilt and the disappearing four patch.

I tried to put the pictures in but can't lift them from MSQC's website. Go there to look at them!

Jenny uses a lot of precuts. That makes the prep for one's quilt so much faster - not much cutting! That being said, the spiderweb quilt is a stash buster so I would use my scraps instead of buy a charm pack. I would purchase her foundation piecing paper as the pack comes with about 250 pieces and appears to be quite easy to remove from the completed patch.

This has been a short and sweet post. I have to close and go watch MSQC's tutorial on pillowcases. Want to make some for a wedding present.

    This is a Christmas quilt I designed for aetquiltmaker about 13 years ago