Friday, February 25, 2011


Artquiltmaker does a creative prompt almost daily.  Yesterday when I was whining about being unproductive she (very strongly) suggested I do the creative prompts.  So, when I saw 'abundance' was the prompt today, this is what popped into my head!
What I want to know is - can the donuts join in?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Red Sketchbook and other ramblings

I met the mailing deadline for the Red Sketchbook.  Before I sent it off I decided to scan all the pages into my computer.  Unfortunately I didn't look at the scans before I sent it!  They are pretty bad!  I think the book was too thick and skewed the light.  Or something.  But I did pay for digitizing once the book arrived at the Brooklyn Art Library, so I will have a record of it.  I miss having to draw all the time to fill up the book!  For all my complaining, it kept me drawing.

Sadie - Roxy's cousin

I have another project - a drawing of Sadie, Roxy's doggy cousin.  Can't seem to get started.  Although I did print the picture I am going to use, I guess that's a start.
Drawing of Sadie from The Red Sketchbook

This week I got out my WIPs (works-in-progress)  I have four (!) tops ready to be quilted.  One of my friends is a long arm quilter and we did an exchange last fall, I did some work for her and she will long-arm a quilt for me.  She is moving to Colorado soon so I want to get this to her to do before she leaves.  She told me the last thing she will pack and the first thing she will unpack is the long-arm machine!

Sampler quilt top - ready to quilt
The other day, while quilting the border of Ozzy's quilt I wished for a long-arm of some kind.  Remembered the Flynn system and looked it up on the internet.  It is reasonably priced and designed to work with a home sewing machine.  I have tried this system out at quilt shows and found it easy to use.  Looking at the pictures on the internet I wondered if the throat on my Featherweight is deep enough to successfully use this system?  So I e-mailed the website and asked but have gotten no response so far.  In February Artquiltmaker and I are going to the SF Quilt Guild show.  Perhaps Flynn will be there and I can ask.  Perhaps they will have a show special and I can get a deal. At least avoid shipping charges.  I will measure the throat of the Featherweight and of my Emdeko machine (which may be bigger that the Singer) so I have that information when I look at the system.

The next thing to think about is the size of the system.  I currently have my Featherweight set up on the table designed for it that Artquiltmaker gave me for my birthday, and that is surrounded by boxes not yet unpacked.  Sounds to me like it is time to unpack a box!

Current WIP Food Quilt - indigestion, anyone?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Works in progress!

I've been whining about all my works in progress (WIPS) since last summer when artquiltmaker helped me pack them up when I moved last summer.  She pretty much ordered me to photograph them and blog about them in order to prod me into working on them.  So I have and here they are!

The first one, The Food Quilt, has actually morphed into two quilts.  One was way too big and a (the) grandchild expressed a desire for a food quilt so now the nephew and grandchild will both get a food quilt.

The next is a picture of all the paper pieced parts for a double wedding ring quilt.  I was going great guns on it but had to put it aside while waiting for Tap plastics to cut templates for the rest of the quilt.  Also, changed my mind about who would be the recipient.

Sampler Quilt

Doggy Love
The next two are completed tops I did but never got quilted.  I had forgotten about Doggy Love!  The sampler was made in a great class taught by Susan Bradford at College of Marin in 2003 (?).  We drafted the patterns and did most of the squares by hand.

Natalie's Quilt Top
My friend Natalie purchased this quilt top at the last Marin Needle Arts Show in Marin and asked me to quilt it.  I think I better get busy as I've had it eight years!

Magic Top
This is a quilt top that mysteriously appeared in my stash.  With a couple of borders this will be a whole top and ready to quilt.  I love the funky 60s fabric!  My friends Sharon and Becky and I are talking about getting a Flynn Quilt System together.  This will be a good quilt for the first one quilted on it.

Hugh's quilt
 This is an old quilt which belongs to our friend Hugh.  I have been repairing it and am almost done.  Then I will quilt it and return it to Hugh.  I've had this one about four years.  I really need to get busy!

Doggy Dreams
This is a wall hanging which I designed two or three years ago.  All the pieces are cut, just waiting for me to attach them!  It is based on a drawing and was supposed to be the first in a series.  May still be!

Love Catcher
This is a panel I did in a fabric painting class with Susan Shie.  I was going to be a purse but I have changed my mind.  I did it with SB daughter in mind.  I'm sure she wouldn't mind getting another quilt!

Mystery Kitty
This is one of three kitties who rest outside my studio.  This guy is bigger than Roxy and not frightened off when I open the shades.  I call him Big Red.

I started Retro in a class with Marion Nathan-Roberts at the Marin Needle Arts Guild.  I  love this small beginning and really want to finish it. I hand dyed the solid fabrics before I knew anything about dyeing.  I used Rit dyes, mason jars and hung the wet fabric in the trees outside the trailer we used to live in.  Perhaps it should be higher on my list?

Christmas Tree
Don't remember this and don't much like it.  The scrap heap is it's destination, perhaps?  Anybody want it?

Laurel Birch flannel back for some lucky quilt!
I love this fabric and have made it into a king size back for some lucky quilt!  It will have to be a quilt I keep because I like it so much.
Garden Quilt
This is fabric I collected to make a quilt for a friend.  I've only had it a year!  Still want to get a solid or small tone on tone to go with it.  Should be an easy quilt to make as I am going to fussy cut the center fabric and use the resulting blocks for most of the top.

Kim's collection
This is fabric My daughter gave me after unsuccessfully trying to start a quilt.  I made her some cloth napkins out of it (there is A LOT) for Christmas.  Eventually it will be a quilt.  I think. I hope.

Princess Quilt
Here is another collection of fabric for a princess quilt.  I already made one but, as usual, purchased too much fabric!  So any little princessy girls out there want a quilt?

These last pieces are leftovers from classes I have taken.  They are either bound for the scrap heap or for a scrap quilt.  For now they are at the bottom of the WIP bin.
So There you have it.  All my Works in Progress!  What do you think?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I finally finished repairing Ozzy's quilt!  He was very happy with the job I did.  Now on to the next thing....

Detail of Ozzy's quilt

Today's stars.  New fabric is the yellow on the right.

I made two blocks for San Bruno Stars today. That makes five in the last two weeks.  I'll take them to Artquiltmaker tomorrow.

As I was searching for fabric I realized that my shelves were poorly organized.  I had an unpacked box on the bottom shelf where I could reach it and a good part of my fabric on the top shelves where I can't reach.  So I opened up the box and cleaned it out.  Only one thing in it went back on my shelves and I think it will get moved into the closet soon.  Unless one counts the light that was in the box - that is now clipped to the shelves and shining on my sewing machine.  Much easier to sew with light!  Aren't the shelves The Big Guy built great!  They are just what I needed.

While rearranging my fabric I came across NINE (!!!!#@%@#) WIPs (works in progress)!  Not one of which is in the LARGE bin with my 11 previously discovered WIPs.  Geeze, I have a lot of quilting to do.

Went to Thimble Creek in Concord yesterday with my friends Sharon and Becky.  And yes, I did buy fabric!  I just NEEDED 1/4 yard of yellow for a San Bruno Star.  And of course I had to buy a Quilter's Home mag that was 50% off because I pulled out a  page as I was flipping through it!  Just love that magazine.  It is so cheerful.  Got into a conversation with one of the lovely clerks at Thimble Creek and got on the subject of teaching and I went into teacher mode around the color class I teach!  It has been on my mind lately as I would like to teach again.  I guess I haven't lost it as the theory and all just came spewing out!  I do love to teach.

Also found my die cut red hearts while going through the fabric on my shelves.  And found an unopened pack of cool postcards.  So pulled out my gel medium and made valentines!  Hope I manage to get them written on and mailed :)

Roxy enjoying the sunshine.

The weather has been lovely.  Sunshine and relatively warm all day.  Have been able to hang laundry outside and it gets DRY!  POE, my orchid is loving the weather!  Her leaves are standing up and I think she is growing.  Considering my black thumb this is nothing short of miraculous!  I've been giving her orchid food every month so maybe she'll bloom.

Our grandchild came over Saturday and spent the night.  He made his first trip by himself on BART.  I picked him up at the end of the line and brought him home.  As usual, grandchild and The Big Guy had a great time!

The Big Guy was in the hospital, taken there by paramedics from his appointment at the VA, last week.  So having grandchild visit was especially nice.  Big Guy has developed congestive heart failure!  It is under control and as long as he follows orders he should be OK.  Need to keep him around to build shelves and play with grandchildren and nephews!  On his new salt free diet I have lost two pounds since Saturday.  Better scarf down some GF goodies so I don't loose my grandmotherly figure! :-))