Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I finally finished repairing Ozzy's quilt!  He was very happy with the job I did.  Now on to the next thing....

Detail of Ozzy's quilt

Today's stars.  New fabric is the yellow on the right.

I made two blocks for San Bruno Stars today. That makes five in the last two weeks.  I'll take them to Artquiltmaker tomorrow.

As I was searching for fabric I realized that my shelves were poorly organized.  I had an unpacked box on the bottom shelf where I could reach it and a good part of my fabric on the top shelves where I can't reach.  So I opened up the box and cleaned it out.  Only one thing in it went back on my shelves and I think it will get moved into the closet soon.  Unless one counts the light that was in the box - that is now clipped to the shelves and shining on my sewing machine.  Much easier to sew with light!  Aren't the shelves The Big Guy built great!  They are just what I needed.

While rearranging my fabric I came across NINE (!!!!#@%@#) WIPs (works in progress)!  Not one of which is in the LARGE bin with my 11 previously discovered WIPs.  Geeze, I have a lot of quilting to do.

Went to Thimble Creek in Concord yesterday with my friends Sharon and Becky.  And yes, I did buy fabric!  I just NEEDED 1/4 yard of yellow for a San Bruno Star.  And of course I had to buy a Quilter's Home mag that was 50% off because I pulled out a  page as I was flipping through it!  Just love that magazine.  It is so cheerful.  Got into a conversation with one of the lovely clerks at Thimble Creek and got on the subject of teaching and I went into teacher mode around the color class I teach!  It has been on my mind lately as I would like to teach again.  I guess I haven't lost it as the theory and all just came spewing out!  I do love to teach.

Also found my die cut red hearts while going through the fabric on my shelves.  And found an unopened pack of cool postcards.  So pulled out my gel medium and made valentines!  Hope I manage to get them written on and mailed :)

Roxy enjoying the sunshine.

The weather has been lovely.  Sunshine and relatively warm all day.  Have been able to hang laundry outside and it gets DRY!  POE, my orchid is loving the weather!  Her leaves are standing up and I think she is growing.  Considering my black thumb this is nothing short of miraculous!  I've been giving her orchid food every month so maybe she'll bloom.

Our grandchild came over Saturday and spent the night.  He made his first trip by himself on BART.  I picked him up at the end of the line and brought him home.  As usual, grandchild and The Big Guy had a great time!

The Big Guy was in the hospital, taken there by paramedics from his appointment at the VA, last week.  So having grandchild visit was especially nice.  Big Guy has developed congestive heart failure!  It is under control and as long as he follows orders he should be OK.  Need to keep him around to build shelves and play with grandchildren and nephews!  On his new salt free diet I have lost two pounds since Saturday.  Better scarf down some GF goodies so I don't loose my grandmotherly figure! :-))

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Jaye said...

Let's see photos of all of these WIPs!