Monday, January 31, 2011


Woke up to sunshine this morning!  It is the first time in almost six weeks the sun has been out first thing in the morning.  What a treat.

As you can see, we have one orange on our tree!  Hate to pick it as it is so pretty.

Yesterday our friend dsfingers came over and helped The Big Guy clear tools and building material out of the Great Room (living room? den?).  It is really nice to see the floor and get to the couch to sit down!  I can reach the window blinds, too.  And, guess what?  They are OPEN!  The guys also taped the drywall on the ceiling and in the process dropped a scattering of plaster or something white all over the carpet.  So now The Big Guy is trying to find the bolt that holds the filter to the shop vac so that stuff can be vacuumed  up.  In the process he punctured his hand with a spiky thing.  Luckily, I'm home, know where the peroxide, antibiotic ointment and bandages are.  So I took a little break from blogging to do the Florence Nightingale wifely duty.

  I have been making "Stars for San Bruno", a project Artquiltmaker and I are sponsoring to make quilts for a family (friends of the grandchild) who lost their house in the San Bruno gas explosion last fall.  I made three friendship stars (the theme is yellow stars on a dark blue field) and wanted to try a different pattern.  I looked on the internet for free patterns and found a compass star that looked like fun to do.  It was a paper pieced pattern.  I enlarged it to 8" and picked fabric and pieced away.  Here is my result.

Imagine my surprise - this no way looks like a star!  I went back to the website and realized this patch is a border piece for the stars.  But that is not what it said.  Bummer.  So, only a little daunted, I went to my 1000 Blocks reference book, found another star pattern (Interlaced Star) and drafted that into an 8" block.  But by then it was late and I was tired so I haven't sewn it yet.  We would appreciate donation of blocks from you for this three quilt project.  E-mail me at for directions to get your donation to us.

On the quilt repair front, all the blocks have been patched as have the  posts.  I decided not to replace the sashing.  I have started quilting it and realized that while heavy quilting will likely keep the fabric from wearing, it totally changes the feel of the quilt.  It is not as soft and cuddly.  When I realized this I had completed the outside border.  I have done most of the blocks, but not as heavily and still have the posts and sashing to do.  I think Ozzy will be on my list of people to make quilts for.  This repair has almost been a new quilt!


Jaye said...

I can print rotary cutting directions for you for a variety of stars. Let me know what you want.

MaryC said...

print out one we don't have on san bruno stars.