Thursday, September 6, 2012

July report (I KNOW, it is September)

The silly sense of humor is family-wide! Papa showed the grandson how to make paper hats. They were so funny I had to send a picture to roller derby daughter. She sent the one on the right back to us!

Hats seemed to be July's theme!  Our (adopted) Austria granddaughters needed hats for camping in the hot weather so we took them shopping.  The big guy really got into shopping, much to the delight of our Austrians!

After shopping we took our Austrians to the local Tower mart where an alien space ship crash landed. They were quite amused.  Together with the Bass Pro Shop, the Tower mart is the only point of interest in our area.

Our Austrian granddaughters at The Bass Pro Shop

We also took the young women to the Manteca 4th of July parade and to breakfast at The Mangy Moose.  Later when we were all talking about the visit they said eating at The Mangy Moose was their favorite outing!  It is our favorite local outing, too.

Later in the month The Big Guy, the Grandson and I drove down to SoCal to visit Super G.

Super G and the grandson  playing Jenga

The puppies getting treats after their outing with the best neighbor in the world. The park where mom lives is full of lovely people. She is very happy there.

And finally, The July block of the month.