Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Red Sketchbook and other ramblings

I met the mailing deadline for the Red Sketchbook.  Before I sent it off I decided to scan all the pages into my computer.  Unfortunately I didn't look at the scans before I sent it!  They are pretty bad!  I think the book was too thick and skewed the light.  Or something.  But I did pay for digitizing once the book arrived at the Brooklyn Art Library, so I will have a record of it.  I miss having to draw all the time to fill up the book!  For all my complaining, it kept me drawing.

Sadie - Roxy's cousin

I have another project - a drawing of Sadie, Roxy's doggy cousin.  Can't seem to get started.  Although I did print the picture I am going to use, I guess that's a start.
Drawing of Sadie from The Red Sketchbook

This week I got out my WIPs (works-in-progress)  I have four (!) tops ready to be quilted.  One of my friends is a long arm quilter and we did an exchange last fall, I did some work for her and she will long-arm a quilt for me.  She is moving to Colorado soon so I want to get this to her to do before she leaves.  She told me the last thing she will pack and the first thing she will unpack is the long-arm machine!

Sampler quilt top - ready to quilt
The other day, while quilting the border of Ozzy's quilt I wished for a long-arm of some kind.  Remembered the Flynn system and looked it up on the internet.  It is reasonably priced and designed to work with a home sewing machine.  I have tried this system out at quilt shows and found it easy to use.  Looking at the pictures on the internet I wondered if the throat on my Featherweight is deep enough to successfully use this system?  So I e-mailed the website and asked but have gotten no response so far.  In February Artquiltmaker and I are going to the SF Quilt Guild show.  Perhaps Flynn will be there and I can ask.  Perhaps they will have a show special and I can get a deal. At least avoid shipping charges.  I will measure the throat of the Featherweight and of my Emdeko machine (which may be bigger that the Singer) so I have that information when I look at the system.

The next thing to think about is the size of the system.  I currently have my Featherweight set up on the table designed for it that Artquiltmaker gave me for my birthday, and that is surrounded by boxes not yet unpacked.  Sounds to me like it is time to unpack a box!

Current WIP Food Quilt - indigestion, anyone?

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Jaye said...

Check to see if some has one locally that you could use either to gry out or rent time on. Perhaps learnin g quilt as go will work for future projects? Also, remind me to send you Quilt Trader Newsletter as you might be able to get a used sysTem. Check with SherriD. I think she might be selling a system.