Thursday, March 18, 2010

Drawing with my sewing machine

I mentioned the other day that I am making a quilt for my cousin's granddaughter who should be born soon. Yesterday I received the baby shower invitation and it has the new baby's name on it -Sequoia Grace. Quite an elegant name for a tiny baby! Grace was my cousin's name so I am pleased the parents decided to make that the babe's middle name.

the quilt I am making is a 'raggedy' quilt. I am quilting each patch as I go. When I starated it I was very inspired and started out making hearts to show the love behind the quilt.

Then I got a little more creative and made some stars. Those were pretty easy sooooo...

I tried a flower. It is a little wonky but can still be identified as a flower!

My next one is the man in the moon. Am not as happy with this one but I am pretty critical of my work so am leaving it in in the hopes that others will be a little more lenient with me!

I started a spiral but it turned into a snail!

Then Roxy, my dog, barked and she landed on a square, too!

I did a bicycle, some x's, a cat, a duck and some others but I'm on dial-up so it takes too long to upload.

Anyway, I am having fun with this project and it is moving along quickly. I am pretty sure I will have it done by the shower, a week from Saturday.

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