Thursday, March 11, 2010

Creative Promt - Pear & quilty comments

I just finished reading artquiltmakers blog posts for March. One of her creative prompts is "Pear". I dug up this ATC (#2 in the series) because it has a pear in it. Should have checked to see if I had posted it already but didn't, oh well. When people look at it they alway ask what the writing says. The reason I write as I did on this is so it can't be read! I don't even remember what it says!

I like the movement and the 'story' in this card. It is a happy little piece.

Have been lax in making ATCs this week. Am working on a quilt project that has my attention. It is a full size double wedding ring! I did 60 of the 98 arcs for the rings in a day and a half. I am foundation peicing it so it is relatively easy. I realized that I am going through a traditional pattern phase of my quilting. The last one I made was a pineapple pattern and the one before a Grandmother's Flower Garden (which was HUGE!). After finishing each one I swore I wasn't going to do another traditional quilt but I keep doing them!? What is that about?

Today I checked Terri Thayer's (she was a guest at artquiltmaker's birthday party) mystery novel out of the library. Before the first chapter is a Flying Geese quilt block. Crazy woman that I am I had a great desire to put them in the quilt I am making for the step-grandchild! That is another traditional block........I guess I'm not done with traditional quilts.

Anyway, the double wedding ring presents a quilting challenge because I am so short of space. My daughter suggested that I try Georgia Bonesteel's "Quilt as You Go" technique. That sounds like just the ticket!

I didn't think much of the arcs as I was making them but now that I am trimming them they look pretty good. I've only found three that I have to fix - was too stingy with the fabric and it doesn't cover the seam lines :( - oh well! Haven't downloaded pictures of the DWR in process yet. Will soon so you can see it.

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