Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Newest ATCs

Here are some of my most recent ATCs. I've posted them together because I am so behind in my blogging!

The bubbles is a happy little card, not much to make it stand out. After I had colored all the bubbles using a mini case of color pencils I carry in my purse I finished a few of them with prismacolor wax markers. Then I took a silver prismacolor pencil and covered the whole thing. The bubbles that I used prismacolors on turned dark when covered with the silver pencil! That was a surprise. I worked them over with an eraser and got a little of the darkness off but it didn't erase totally. Next time I want silver I am going to use the metallic rub-ons. By the way, I have only seen the metallic rub-ons at Jazzy Crafts in Castro Valley.

The very modern art one is also a favorite. I used markers, an old set that I have had forever (or at least 15 years) I really like the vibrant colors and how easy it is to make straight lines!

My sweet puppy (she's actually five years old but we still call her a puppy) was curled up in my lap one evening and I made her the subject of "Let Lying Gods Sleep". Media-wise this ATC was a lot of fun to make. I started out with pencil and something called metallic rub-ons and smushed them together for her body. Left the paper to show through for her white spots and rubbed with tissue the pencil on her head. Used color pencil for the background and rubbed the whole thing with silver metallic rub-ons. The text is ink. I think this is one of my favorite ATCs so far this year.

The sunshine one was done on the first sunny day in what felt like MONTHS! I even was bold enough to use another medium - oil pastels. They are fun to use because they can be manipulated with pencil erasers, tissues, cotton swabs (do you see how I am carefully avoiding trade names?!) fingers, knives and about anything else one can come up with. I didn't use terp or alcohol or nail polish remover but those make interesting effects, too. Use lots of ventilation, no flame and some caution using those liquids. This ATC makes me happy to look at and reminds me that the '...Sun will come out tomorrow...' (actually, it is supposed to rain :( !).

These four ATCs go together, I realized as I was writing this because I used different mediums and techniques. Now I need to get on-line and find that gallery, call them and see if it is possible to have and ATC show. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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