Sunday, March 14, 2010

Double wedding ring in progress

Well, I'm quilting again! A few days of sunshine got me off my duff and working on this double wedding ring I started about a year and a half ago. I took the pattern off the internet - a free pattern provided by McCalls Quilting. I was laying it out here to see if I had enough foundation pieced arcs to do a full sized quilt.

It turns out that I needed seven more arcs to equal the 98 needed for the full quilt. In the next day and a half I made those seven and completed all the rest of the patches on the other arcs. I wasn't too impressed with the way they looked until I started trimming the paper down to the actual patch. Now they look like something I can be proud of . I used mostly scraps (some pieces were cut off new fat quarters because I thoughtlessly gave away my bin of scraps in a cleaning frenzy! Amazing how disparate pieces and colors come together to make a pleasing piece.

The second quilt I'm working on is a joyful one. My late, favorite girl cousin's daughter called last month and told me that she and her husband are pregnant! So, out the window went my resolve not to start any new quilts until all my UFOs are finished! I only have until the end of this month so it will be a quickie and it is almost half done. No pictures because I don't want Christina and Dan to see it!

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