Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Double Wedding Ring in process

I laid out some of the arcs for the double wedding ring quilt I'm making just to show you how yummy they are! The only rule I had when I was putting them together was that the fist patch needed to be green. I had lots of greens so that was pretty easy. I thought I would add the patches in dark - light -dark - light but that pretty much went by the wayside as I progressed and scraps became more scarce!

I' really pleased with the job I did on them. So far, while trimming the paper off the pieces I have only found three that need to be fixed. One isn't finished - still need one more patch, and the other two have a patch each which are too small. The offending patches are the same fabric and I know what I was doing. My friend brought me some fabric last year from Australia and I was being conservative in its use. It turned out that I was penny-wise and pound foolish because now I have to cut two more pieces so I am ending up using twice as much! Use something else, you say? No, I want that fabric in the quilt. Hopefully I have learned a lesson! that makes it a good day, right?!!:)

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