Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Newest grandkids

Our youngest daughter, Curly (not her real name but a description) recently became a chicken mom! I think all these lovelies are so sweet! Raising chickens in the suburbs seems to be the latest rage. If we were allowed to have livestock we, too, would have chickens. For now we have to just enjoy the new grands! Too bad they live in Whitefish, Montana.

My quilting buddy in Oakland has backyard chickens. too. She has Aracunas, a breed which lays already decorated eggs for Easter! They are speckled greeny-blue and all different.

When I was a kid my dad raised backyard chickens, too. They ate all our vegetable garbage and they laid jumbo brown eggs. My favorite eggs are still jumbo browns. The chickens were Rhode Island Reds and were about two and a half feet tall.

So is this trend towards backyard chickens one which reflects the state of our poor economy or a return to the earth movement? Is it a search for healthy, organic, antibiotic free eggs?

It is probably all of the above. Regardless of the reasons for the trend, I see an opportunity for a sewing project! Curly's birthday is the end of this month. In addition to the monetary gift we always give her, she is getting patchwork chickens!

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