Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Grand Chickie

In hoor of daughter Curly's new additions (our grandchicks) and her birthday, I made a stuffed chicken from a Georgia Bonesteel pattern. The picture above are her (Chickie's, not Ms. Bonesteel's) legs. The instructions said to use yellow fabric and I happened to have corn (yellow, right?) fabric in my stash so - viola! - legs.

The comb and wattle (that hangy thingy under the beak for chicken virgins) called for red fabric. Again my stash had lovely red onion fabric which served the purpose well. The eyes called for buttons which I would have liked in red but my button stash is in very sad shape and the only two matching buttons an appropriate size I could find were brown (so she's a brown eyed girl!) but I sewed them on with red thread.

The beak needed to be yellow so I used more corny fabric (pun intended). The fabric for the body and wings, as you can see, has chickens on it.

Hubby contributed the egg (Formerly containing silly putty) full of $20 bills folded into 'pillow money'' size (a term I heard from a Marine during the Vietnam conflict at the Hollywood USO). Chickie turned out pretty nifty, was fairly easy to make - she only took about three hours and used totally about a fat quarter of fabric. She is about 9" tall. She is on her way to Montana and a happy town rancher's life!

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