Sunday, March 28, 2010

Birdie the lego woman goes hairless!

Poor Birdie was having a bad hair day and the icing on the cake was when her hair flew out the window of my truck! We were parked at *$s so I jumped out and looked all over for her long, lovely, thick, wavy, unstable hair. But, alas, it was nowhere to be found! So now what? Do I rename her "Chemo Lady"? "Smoothie Lady", "Billiard Ball Head Lady" "Slick" or what?

The problem was solved today, inadvertently, by the grandchild! GC's bedroom is FULLLLLL of legos. So many legos that playing with them would be overwhelming. In fact must be overwhelming because they aren't played with! So I rifled through them to find suitable headcovering for Birdie. I really loved the purple spiky one on a special punk lego that was in a special place on a bookshelf. But since it wasn't thrown in one of the giant bins of legos I figured it would be missed if I absconded with it. Then I looked for Hermione's hair (from the Harry Potter lego set) but couldn't find that one. Come to find out, it too, is in a special place and would be missed.

Kids are amazing, especially my GC. Every toy ever received is logged in the brain and missed immediately! Even if it has not been touched for years. What's up with that?

In pawing through another giant bin I came across a great pirate captain tricorn hat. Unfortunately there was only one of them...the purple-punk-hermione conundrum again! But there were several run-of-the-mill pirates with red bandanas that would work just fine. So Birdie can still be Birdie and looks quite chic in her new red bandana!

Tried to add that image and failed! Look for Birdie in the next post....

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