Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Two of my four granddogs

I have a special place in my heart for Beagles and Boxers. Had a Beagle who loved me a lot when my children were little and a Boxer for years when I was a girl.

Red Dog and Nixon are two of my daughter's four dogs. Haven't bonded with her other two, a black Newf and a white Maltese. But Red and Nixon are great.

Red dog lived with me for three months six or so years ago. He loved our hills and really muscled up running them when he got loose. Our neighbor ranch raises miniature horses which are about the same size as Red. He once got loose and ran over to chase the pregnant ones! That was great fun for Red Dog but didn't make the rancher too happy. We worked really hard to prevent another incident of that type.

Nixon, the Beagle, was the most beautiful puppy! He is a pedigreed 15" standard Beagle who has grown to be the size of a foxhound! He is the peacemaker of the four dog pack at SBdtr's. A real sweet dog. He and Red are great buddies. Red took him over when he was a pup and the connection has stuck.

Red Dog's name origin is pretty straightforward. He is a big, red dog.

Nixon's name is less obvious. The top dog when Nix joined the family was named Truman. So a dead president name was chosen. Later they got a cat who they named Reagan - the cat is red so I guess that works as when former pres Reagan was younger his hair was (dyed?) kind of red.

So, I suppose, if she gets more animal companions who are not already named there will be a whole cadre of dead presidents at her house!

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Kim Hyer said...

We have nick named the Neuf Obama for obvious reasons...