Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Super Granny

Well, I've had quite a different week. My mother fell (she hurried to answer the phone and sat down on the arm of her swivel-rocker!) and broke a bone in her neck - C-4 - and was taken to emergency. My SBdaughter called me and told me. I left the office and raced home, threw a few things in a suitcase and was driving out of the complex when my husband stopped me. My daughter made a plane reservation for me. So I went back to the house and found someone to take me to BART so I could get to the airport. I re-packed and raced off. Made it to the hospital while Mom was still in emergency. they kept her until Monday and then we brought her home. Check out her facebook page under "Super G".

Anyway, taking care of a disable adult is twice as hard as ataking care of a newborn! Good thing I love my mom. I can't see doing this for a stranger!

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