Thursday, April 15, 2010


No, its not a yogic mantra! OMM is a (quilting?) term introduced to me this week in a comment on my blog by I had mentioned what I called a UFO, my potential rick-rack quilt. Artquiltmaker said quilts weren't UFOs until one seam had been sewn. Actually, I think if one patch has been cut that makes a ufo but that is splitting seams. So today I am going to show you some OMMs.

This photo really inspires me. The color combos and the circles on straight lines is so cool... Think I'll leave the sneaker toes out, though! Ever notice how many quilt pictures have feet?

Wouldn't this be a great border for a quilt?

I can see this as a 3D quilt or patch on a quilt. There would be lot of beads, especially in the center and shiny fafric in the outside border.

It is fun to take a picture and then analyze it for an OMM. A quiet pasttime when you haven't got time or energy to actually sew.

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