Friday, April 2, 2010

Baby Quilt

Last Thursday I rode down to LALA land with SBdtr. She dropped me at Mom's Friday morning.

We had a full agenda on Friday - lunch at Chili's - which is never good as the service is slower than the proverbial molasses in January! The food was good, however. We aretrying to use up a gift card Mom got for Christmas. That visit on Friday would have done it IF we had remembered the card! Then we ran a bunch of errands Mom needed help with and ended up at St. Clare's (Mom's church) for the last Friday fish fry of Lent. the food and service there were excellent! And I got to meet many of Mom's friends.

We went home and rested for a while, then pulled out Upwords (by Milton Bradley games) and proceeded to play three games - Mom two, me one. Upwords is a really fun variation of Scrabble where one builds words up instead of over a board. Ill take a picture next time I go down so you can see. Haven't seen the game being sold anywhere in a while. If it isn't made anymore that is a shame because it is fun and fairly fast.

So what does that have to do with the baby quilt and the baby's mama pictured above? Well, on Saturday we rose early and got all 'gussied' up and drove 78 miles to Yorba Linda (Mom navigated so I still don't know where it is!) for the baby shower.

It was a great shower, some new games I hadn't played before which were a lot of fun, great food (my cousin's husband is a gourmet chef), and about 70 very nice people! It took two hours for Little Mama to open all the presents.

Mom and I had a very nice time. It was lovely to see how well loved Little Mama is and how much everyone id looking forward to the new baby. Grandpa is rubbing his hands in anticipation! I gave Little Mama and daddy a lifetime guarantee on the quilt. When it starts to wear out, all they have to do is let me know and I'll make another! I have the next on percolating in my brain already!

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