Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sunflower quilt

This little quilt is one of two hanging in my home so I look at it every day, without really seeing it anymore.

Sunflowers is a small quilt I did in one day at a class with EBHQ. It is three dimensional with some fusing and overstitching. I find it interesting to look at it in a photo and analyze what I would change if I were doing another one like it.

First of all, there is not enough contrast, the only real dark is the vase. The lizard and other reds come across, to me, as mediums and everything else is light. I would make the sunflower leaves and stems darker or at least outline them with satin stitch so they show up. Now one can't really see what they are.

I love the way the flowers turned out and wouldn't change anything in them.

The borders are kind of wonky which is OK as I am the princess of wonky (Gwen Marsten is the Queen of wonky) but the binding is really bad. Next time I will make a bias binding. I did my first bias binding on the baby raggedy quilt (see a previous blog entry) and it was easy and looked nice.

I'm pretty happy with the yellow leaves and their background of green. The look of floating, falling leaves comes through well.

Next time the lizard will be climbing on something rather than ephemeral sky floating! It was supposed to be a window but that can't be seen in this rendition.

So next time you do a quilt photograph it and do an impartial analysis to see if it could be made better.

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