Thursday, April 8, 2010

At the farm and other quilting musings

"At the Farm" is my first wonky quilt done at a MNAG seminal with Gwen Marsten. It is small, about 20"x20". It was quilted by Colleen Granger of So Little Time Quilting in San Rafael. Colleen did a great job on this quilt. She quilted a cow jumping over the moon (I drew the cow), a farmer and family, the farm pick-up truck, a horse, pig and other farmy things. It is great fun to look at.

I worked at a Real Estate Office for a while and this little quilt hung in the office there.

Then I worked at another place and had my own office so I hanged it behind me on the wall. The first quilt I ever quilted was pieced by my Daly City daughter. It is on the left in the above photo. I quilted all the patches and entered it in a show.

The judges commented that the border should have been quilted, too. So I started doing that, got really carried away and then pretty bored with the quilting and put it away. I guess that I should add it to my list of UFO's!

The vest I have on is the first of only two wearable art pieces I have done. It is a tribute to my late cat, Bear. It, too was entered in a show. The judges hated the rick-rack on it. I started collecting rick-rack after that and have always intended to make a rick-rack quilt or piece of wearable art. Does that count as a UFO? Another to add to the list!

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Jaye said...

The rick rack piece counts as an "On My Mind" piece not a UFO. UFOs are only if you have actually started working on it. One seam=UFO!