Saturday, April 10, 2010

Granny's Garden

Early in my quilting career I took a hand quilting, sampler class from Susan Bradford at the College of Marin. I made many 12" patches for the quilt. The center panel of "Granny's Garden" was one of the patches but it was larger than 12" and so didn't fit in the sampler quilt (which is one of my UFO's - top and back done, not quilted!).

At the time I was a member of MNAG in San Rafael. One of the projects put forth was a round robin. I had this ready to go so put it in and this is what I got back. I just loved it! Because of the name, I gave it to my mom.

Last week, when I was visiting my mom, I got to sit under it. I found it comforting to use a quilt I had had a hand in making.

Snails, snail's trail, and starry nights make a nice design. I was lucky, some of the final results of the other projects did not turn out so well.

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