Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A work in progress, part two.

Yesterday I posted an image from my camera that I said I was going to make into a quilt block. Well, I didn't get that far yet (the fabric is on Mom's kitchen table) but I did get the drawing done. This is going to be 6.5"x6.5" which includes the quarter inch seam allowance. Ir may go into the food quilt I'm cutting patches for except how edible is this?

I think the triangle will be bias tape or appliqued down. The circles will be on top, raw edge appliqued to the base square. Or maybe the triangle will be stitch painting. As you can see, a work in progress. Also, need to do it by hand as I don't have my trusty featherweight with me and really dislike my Mom's machine.


Jaye said...

Handstitching with Perl Cotton?

MaryC said...

Maybe. Many layers, too.