Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Quilting again, kind of.

Am still at my Mom's helping her recover from THE FALL as you can tell from the spacious kitchen behind me. Last week I succumbed to a bout of retail therapy and one of the things that I purchased was a copy of "The Quilter Magazine" May 2010. The article in it that attracted me is called "Floral Waves" because it uses curved piecing. I took a class in curved piecing from Jeanette Meyer at EBHQ last year but have never used what I learned. This article isn't as specific as Ms. Meyer's wonderful class but it does refresh my memory. I haven't got much in the way of supplies here at Mom's but women quilted long before all our wonderful goodies were invented (rulers, mats, rotary cutters, sewing machines - yes, I left all four of them home!, etc., etc.) so I got out a pencil, small cup and my shears and hand sewed this in about 20 minutes.

With a little border added it will fit on the food quilt I have started cutting out at home. If I had planned better it would be the right sized patch. Oh well. It did what I hoped, got me started quilting. The urge has been growing over the three and a half weeks I have been in SoCal. Mom has a ton of fabric - gee, is that hereditary - and I have separated it into cotton and other junky stuff - oh sorry I mean polyester!

Oh! A little tidbit of very exciting news! I got a message on my facebook page (look for Peggy Carroll on FB if you are interested) from Mark Lipinski! He wished me a Happy Mother's Day and told me I had done a good job with my daughter, Artquiltmaker. He complemented her work. I am thrilled!

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