Saturday, May 29, 2010

fabric fabric fabric

I did in fact go to Beverly's on my day off today. I purchased about sixteen pieces of fabric in quarter yard cuts! That should give me a leg up on the food quilt. Am going to cut at least four patches from each piece and possibly more, depending on how well I can fussy cut some of them.

For instance, I picked some really nice black with limes, lemons and oranges on it and I can probably get six from that one. The black has white polka dots too.

Two of the pieces are half yards because they are panel prints with several different images. That will be fun to fussy cut.

I also purchased a new cutting mat which is purple! Probably could have talked myself out of it if I weren't so tired. But the mat I brought with me is one of those 6x7 inch ones. Couldn't face cutting all that fabric on such a small mat. And anyway, its purple!

There were pink ones, too but how many mats does one quilter need? I wonder if there are purple ergonomic rotary cutters? Then I would have a coordinated set!

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Jaye said...

Glad you are rebuilding your supplies! Fabrics are great.I will cut some more food squares from the fabrics I have.