Wednesday, May 5, 2010

ATC - My pup - Drawing familiar objects

Our dog, Roxy, is a continuing source of joy and inspiration to me. As you can see, she is the most beautiful dog in the world! Also, she is well behaved, friendly and smart.

She enjoys curling up on my lap and the other day I felt like drawing when she was in my lap I drew her.

I started out with pencil, then rubbed some oil pastels in - blue and black - and highlighted it with india ink (great medium, it's waterproof!) and some color pencil for her collar.

The phrase is of course a messed up form of let sleeping dogs lie. Don't know where that came from (the messed up version, I mean).

So, use familiar (pets) objects as your art subjects. It is much easier to draw something familiar than it is new, unfamiliar ones. And the practice with familiar objects will make drawing unfamiliar ones easier.

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