Thursday, May 13, 2010

Original cupholder

I recently lost my perfect travel coffee cup. I left it in a rental car! (Left a bra in it too, but that is another story!) In my search for another perfect travel mug I went to Starbucks, oh, yeah, I got coffee, too!

I found a really cool looking ceramic mug and shelled out the exorbitant price they asked, had it filled with coffee and found that it got really HOT! So one afternoon while waiting for my husband to be ready to go out with me I whipped up my own version of the cardboard sleeve.

It is three layers, backing, batt, and front and I embellished it (my husband is a little poky sometimes). It serves it's purpose well and I enjoy using it. Can't say as much for the cup and am still on the lookout for my perfect travel mug.

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