Sunday, May 23, 2010

The kindness of strangers

O.K. I admit it. I am pretty grumpy and whiny lately. Also tired, short-tempered and probably some other negative trait I can't think of right now. So if you are looking for Little Mary Sunshine don't come to me!

That being said, I got a short break yesterday from Mom Care due to the good graces of a great neighbor, and I went (TAA DAA) grocery shopping. o_o

First to Whole Foods where I saw a woman from a caretakers group I went to Friday (didn't like the group but will go back) who, quite sweetly, listened to me rant for about twenty minutes. She was saved by my husband phoning.

I was standing in the gluten free aisle of WF and got about $50 worth of GF snacks (oh the belly and hips will suffer for this but the psyche will love it). Finally pulled myself away, finished shopping (got sushi and a fizzy mango drink for my lunch) and sat in the car, by myself, in almost total quiet, and ate. Then I drew an ATC! Second one in five weeks, I think. =(

Before going to Trader Joe's I went into Aaron Bros. - Santa Clarita's idea of a great art supply store - and looked at stuff. Gathered up about $100 of stuff which duplicated stuff I have at home as well as a book on ATCs. Then I went around and put everything back except the watercolor brush and the book and went on to TJs.

Picked up what I needed (they have great blueberries!) and when I got to the cashier (a young man about 18) he asked me how I was and I said "fine" (no one really wants to know how one is, it's a polite rhetorical question) and I asked him how he was and he said "great, I get off in half an hour. But I'm tired and I have to go to my second job so I guess I'm not so great." I said I would trade his day for mine and he asked me why so I told him about Mom falling and me taking care of her 24/7, being here for over 5 weeks, getting fired from our job, facing homelessness and being impatient and exhausted. He said "you win the bad day!" He finished checking me out and asked me what kind of flowers I like. I said sunflowers. He gave me a bouquet of sunflowers!

The kindness of strangers is a sweet thing. I'm still smiling. })


Jaye said...

Sometimes people do want to know how you are! I hope you'll call the store and say how nice he was to you when you needed it. Thinking about you and thanking you for your sacrifice.

You will not be homeless. Visualize what you want and it will come true. Do you REALLY want to be homeless? Where would you put your fabric and art supplies?

Sherri said...

When faced with scary things and stressed out, everything seems hopeless. I can tell you, as a recent 'survivor' of the economy, that things WILL work out...eventually. Little comfort for right now, I know! Hang in there and just keep fighting. As long as you don't give up, things will come around. I know this to be true, all too well!!! lol
And regarding the is always SO nice to see first hand that people are not ALL bad! Humanity still has a chance. :)

MaryC said...

Thanks, Jaye and Sherri. No, I don't want to be homeless! YUK! Have to figure out what I do want!

Sherri, I know things will change. Many friends have reminded me of "One door closes and another opens" which I know to be true. I am at the "closing door hitting me in the a__" stage right now and it stings!

MaryC said...

When I found the receipt with a name and phone number I did call the store and told a manager how kind the cashier was. They were happy to know that. Hope H Andrew, the cashier, got kuddos.

Jaye said...

Sometimes if you let the universe decide how to move you forward, it isn't as pleasant or as planned as if you move forward boldly yourself.