Friday, May 28, 2010

What once was lost...

YEAH!!! I found the ATCs that I thought I had lost. I am so happy. The Big Guy is visiting me and Mom here in SoCal and he dropped something between the mattress and the bed. In the process of retrieving that I saw a little pack of ATCs! Sure started my day off well!

You may notice the drawing on the lower left is quite different from my usual style. The grandchild did a super hero for me. When I have access to my printer again I am going to print that one and see if I can make a pendant like "Remember" that I made at A Work of Heart. It will be my talisman and good luck piece.

The other good thing is that The Big Guy is going to give me a day off. He has been here three days so pretty much knows Mom's routine. I think I will call my girlfriend and see if she wants a visitor.

This is one of the ATCs I really didn't want to lose. I like pen and ink, especially when it works well. This image is of Mom while she was still in the hospital and pretty out of it on morphine. If you look at her facebook fan page - The Adventures of Super G - you will see how much better she is. Two more months in the brace and she will be re-evaluated by the neuro surgeon.

The Big Guy brought me my Singer Featherweight and two of my UFOs. I have been collaborating with Artquiltmaker on the food quilt and may go to the quilt store today (or - don't tell die hard quilters) Beverly's (I have coupons) and get a charm pack of a solid color, buttercup, and start working on that one. I only have 63 6 1/2 inch blocks cut so need some more food prints. Saw tons of them on the internet yesterday. Wonder what the smallest piece is Beverly's will cut? I only want two of each print. Artquiltmaker says I need 238 blocks! So I still need 88 other prints. Geez, are there 88 more food prints out there? Maybe I need four of each print? With four of each I'd only need 60 prints. That's still pretty daunting! I think this might have been a good thing to do BEFORE I started cutting blocks! Oh well, onward and upward! Stay tuned.


Jaye said...

You could add coffee fabrics as well? I think there are enough food prints; we just have to find them.

Jaye said...

Glad you found your ATCs!