Saturday, June 5, 2010

Swimming upstream

This drawing is in response to Artquiltmaker's creative prompt, salmon. I thought about it for a long time because salmon fishing has lots of negative connotations for me and I didn't want to go there.

This is kind of how my life feels right now, swimming upstream. The better my mom feels the harder she is to deal with. She still doesn't think before she acts and that portends problems for later when and if she gets to live alone.

The big guy is trying to pack the trailer up so we can move but he is such a pack rat that it is a monumental job. And I have forms to fill out for senior housing but all my records are in the trailer where big guy is packing up!

I guess this is where let go and let god comes in. Riiiiiiiight.


Jaye said...

Love the water. Sorry she is being such a pain. Tell her not to be a *itch or she is going in a home!

Sherri said...

I like your drawing too. The shading on the rocks is very cool. I often forget to do shading!!!

MaryC said...

OMG! On second look they really look like rocks!