Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Quilting supplies

Well, the quilting virus has hit again and I made a stop at the quilt shop next to the park where Mom lives. Don't usually go there as one of the owners is less than friendly or helpful. Would put the name of it here but have only had half a cuppa so far this a.m. and CRS is full blown.

I have always used the rulers with the yellow lines but Creative Grids is the only brand carried next door so I got this one. It is really cool! It has the inches and half inches numbered! And it has both white and black marks on all the lines so it doesn't matter what color my fabric is I can still see the markings, AND it has sticky stuff on the bottom so the ruler doesn't move (you already knew that?). So I got busy and cut some squares.

I still messed up! But only on one set of two patches. Measuring has never been my strong suit. Did I tell you about trying to find a heater register for Mom's floor? ..........oh, well, never mind:]

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Jaye said...

Glad you found Creative Grids! They are the best.