Tuesday, June 8, 2010


recently posted a report on her visit to the SF Decorator Showcase house in the Presidio Heights district of San Francisco. In the garden she photographed this columbine blossom. She had been discussing how different aspects of the house (floor, table, etc.) would make interesting quilt blocks and when I saw this flower I was inspired to design a quilt block.

I got out my trusty water soluble oil pastels and moleskine sketchbook and started drawing. I'm pretty happy with the results but will need to refine it to actually use it as a quilt block. Wish I had my 1000 quilt blocks book here :(. Anyway, here it is. What doyou think?

It is interesting to look at a sketch in a place other than the original. Design flaws and needed fixes are much more obvious. One of the techniques (tricks?) artists use is to look at a piece in a mirror. It is very helpful in refining one's design. Looking at a photo does the same thing.

I am going back to the drawing board (er, kitchen table) and do another version of this.

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