Friday, June 11, 2010


I got time off last night from Momcare. She and her WONDERFUL neighbor, MB, went to the HOA potluck and meeting. I dropped them off, and scooted over to the scrap booking store where, after spending too much money, I sat and painted and drew. I was given a 15% discount because I was working at their table!

So today I am showing off the fruits of my labor. I purchased some 'typewriter' alphabet stamps, some really neat metallic watercolor paint and a puppy paw rubber stamp (which it turns out I don't like).

Then I did a bunch of sketching in preparation for working on my Artist Co-op sketchbook. Found I like my painting much better! Think I will do this type of thing as background in my Artist Co-op sketchbook.

Spot, the dog.

Raining dogs and cats. Like the dogs and cats but not the drawing. Plan to re-do this in paint.

Catty raindrops.

Doggy raindrops.


Keep drawing

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