Friday, June 18, 2010

Raining cats and dogs

This is definitely Northern California! Probably my hills in the East Bay! The rain goddess is preparing to send cat and dog weather to the hills.

Again, I am practicing for starting the sketchbook project I signed up for last month. I thought I would paint all the pages with the new metallic watercolors I bought but after doing that in some pages of my current moleskine sketchbook, I'm not so sure.

This page looks pretty good, I think it is the color that I like.

But these two are really bad. Looking at them in photographs, as I've mentioned before, gives me a whole different perspective. I think red tones are not what I want. And I just had an idea for the cover! I saw some cat and dog fabric at the store the other day (but I was good and didn't buy it) and it would look pretty cool woven and glued to the cover! Will go back and see if they still have any. Or go online and look for some.

Well, I'm off! Driving home today, dragging mom along. Hope she does OK. Dreamt about packing to move last night!


Sherri said...

I just got those Prisma watercolor pencils a week or so ago. I haven't really used them yet, but I hope to.

I love using watercolor, except for the way most paper wrinkles!

I'd thought about doing the sketchbook project too, but didn't. Now I can watch YOU do it. :)

Jaye said...

The orange looks like an opportunity to put some white pearlescent paint over it in layers. Go forth to art fearlessly!