Friday, February 12, 2010

2010 Artist Trading cards

Hello again! She's BAACK....This is another of my 2010 ATCs. Can you guess the title? OK, I'll help...Star Buck. Another done while drinking money I mean coffee!

I went on a shopping spree the first week of the month. Spent an afternoon in Macy's. Unusual for me as I never shop at Macy's - it was, in the past, too hard to find my way around (lame, huh?!) but it was actually much better. I think ADA people got after them. Anyway, I returned a gift and purchased a lovely new lipstick and looked at purses and belts. Found the (almost) perfect purse but not at the perfect price but couldn't find the perfect or even close belt so went home with a new red lipstick. Kind of appropriate for this ATC.

A couple of days later I went to pick up the grandchild. It was sunny and beautiful at home so just wore a denim jacket. Naturally, when I had traveled the 45 miles to my destination it was pouring down rain! So off to the coat factory I went. Actually found the perfect rain coat - three-quarter length in a PL (that's petite large). The shoulders hit in the perfect place, it goes around my middle and has a removable liner! Then I had to buy a purse that matched. I usually wear grama black shoes and don't plan on getting another pair anytime soon so needed a brown (did I say the raincoat is brown?) and black purse. Found a funky faux jaguar pattern purse with all the requisite pockets and pouches and said to myself "self, why not -you can do funky". The purse has elicited some laughs from my daughters and I have found it convenient.

That is the extent of my shopping mania for this month. Pretty tame by some standards but not for me and avid anti-shopper!

More ATCs to come next as they seem to be the only art I am doing.

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Jaye said...

Now you need to do a picture of buck within a star next!