Monday, January 25, 2010

Creative prompt - Fireworks

Art Quiltmaker lists a "creative prompt" on her blog which is quite helpful for pushing me to create. Her prompt "fireworks" inspired the above quick and dirty paint drawing and also a memory about her child (my grandchild). I don't often leave Papa and the grandchild home alone as between the two of them way too much trouble can be hatched! One day, however, I had to work when the grandchild was spending a few days with us. No alarms came over my cell phone during the day and so I was fairly confident that things were OK. The car I was driving at the time had to be backed up the driveway, which is a hill, because the gas tank leaked otherwise (another story for another time - I no longer have that vehicle!). As I backed up the driveway I saw the two scoundrels scurrying around looking like scattered ants! I knew something was (or recently had been) up. When I got into the house butter wouldn't have melted in their mouths. It took the good part of an hour to find out what had been going on. Papa had broken out his store of bottlerockets and taught the grandchild how much fun they could be! So that is what the creative prompt brought to mind today when I viewed Art Quiltmaker's blog.

Along with finishing all my UFO's this year I decided to make an ATC every time I buy coffee at Starbucks. That hasn't produced much art as I haven't remembered to register my Starbuck's card and refuse to pay extra for my soy milk so I haven't been buying coffee! I did draw a couple yesterday and will get photos of them soon and do another post. Sorry for the long span of time since my last post. The rainy weather has me down and I am almost incapable of moving. Haven't even gone to the library for books!

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