Sunday, January 10, 2010

Art Trading Cards

I was at Jo-Anns Fabrics the other day and saw Artists Trading Card (ATC) blanks in the one dollar bin so I picked up three. When I got home I checked my receipt and found they were in fact $2.50. Was going to give two of the packs away but the higher price convinced me to keep them. I plan to draw on them throughout the year, especially when I am drinking coffee at Starbucks! This one was done at the Starbucks in The Castro after I got my hair cut (yes, I go all the way to The Castro to get my hair cut. Bob the Hair God just can't be replaced - I've tried). Maybe these should be packaged in some kind of Starbucks container! I haul Starbucks Via around so that I will never be without caffeinated coffee, that might be a good container. Reduce-reuse-recycle is always a good thing.

Be sure to check out Artquiltmaker's blog for her creative prompts. Then get going and do them. Artistic exercising to keep your creativity in great shape. Sort of an artistic sixx-pack!

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