Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Panel from class with Jeanette Meyer at EBHQ

One of the advantages of membership in a quilt guild is the availability of reasonably priced, interesting classes with excellent teachers. The class I took at EBHQ taught by Jeanette Meyer is a perfect example of that. The class, name of which I have forgotten, was about cutting and sewing curves without templates. It involved sewing fabric together and then cutting it apart and sewing it together again until a panel was completed. In reviewing my pictures I find this piece more interesting than I did when I finished it.

For 2010 my New Year resolution is to finish all my UFOs before starting anything new. I did start a new quilt on Dec. 31st! My mother thought that was crazy! But it is a quilt I want to give as a gift this year so I had to start it last year so it fell into the UFO category! The panel I completed in the Jeanette Meyer class just jumped into the UFO list, too. Don't know yet what I will do with it but that will come to me in a streak of lightning at 2 a.m when I am sound asleep!
The big guy and I went on a road trip around the holidays. We (I) drove 1125 miles between the Bay Area where we live and So. Cal. We visited friends and family and had a very relaxing time. I think I am just recovering now from all the relaxing! Hopefully, I will blog more regularly from now on.


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