Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Recently we went for an after dinner walk with friends. As I always carry my camera I took bunches of pictures and came up with this beautiful one! It had been raining (lately it seems to be always raining!) but had stopped briefly to allow the sun to set - LOL. I've not really liked the area where we live very much but when I looked back on my pictures and found this lovely one I realized that there is beauty everywhere and maybe I should be grateful for small pleasures (Like the big guy sitting across from me with his headphones on singing away). This has to be a short post as we have to get the last of our Christmas shopping done today. The next few days are so busy that we won't have any time!
I guess the message of this post is develop an 'attitude of gratitude' (line stolen directly from 12 step programs) and to look for the beauty in small, fleeting moments.

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