Thursday, December 10, 2009

What does it take to grow tomatoes?

In October I posted this quilt in its UFO state. Today, digging through my fabric, I found the finished product! So here it is. As I mentioned in the Oct. post, this was done in a class with Susan Shie at EBHQ. I loved watercoloring the fabric. I have a full complement of fabric watercolors and PFD fabric now. Used once! Plan to do another painted quilt. It is the prefect medium to both paint and quilt - both crafts I love to do. I even have a quilt designed in my mind. Since I have to do this technique outside I can leave it until next summer!

I have been thinking about a New Years resolution. Didn't make one this year. Last year it was to use only reusable bags for shopping. I have pretty much kept that up and am the proud owner of about sixty bags! Bought a new one every timeI forgot my bags. One of my girlfriends brought me a bag from Australia earlier this year. It is made of a fabric that looks like heavy duty stockings or maybe lightweight fishnet stockings. Anyway, it can be rolled up and carried in my purse, which I do. So I always have a bag now. Want to make some like it but haven't found a good fabric for it yet.

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Jaye said...

Yes, that Australia bag is wonderful!!!