Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New work! Two fleece blankets.

Christmas is going to be here before I know it and so I have started making gifts. The top blanket is for a wedding The Big Guy, Granny and I will be going to next week. My nephew is tying the knot. Since this blanket is put together by tying the fringe in knots, I think it is appropriate!

I made the Santa one first because I had never done a throw like these before. I'm glad I did because I knotted it too tightly and it is a little gathered, instead of flat. It is for a gift exchange at a group I belong to and they will like it even if I don't think it is perfect!

I picked up the directions at a local fabric store. They are from Lion Brand and were free! I joined the Lion Brand group and can get all kinds of patterns for free. It is a great website, especially if you knit and/or crochet. I have been knitting quite a bit lately.

Last night my daughter invited me to accompany her to the SF Quilt Guild's meeting. The speaker was Michael "Mac" MacNamera. Mac is quite personable and also very funny. We laughed our sox off! I love his quilting, too. It is kind of wonky, just the kind of thing I like to do. If he contacts me I am going to ask permission to post some of his work here to show you what I mean. Was inspired to start a quilt I must do for my pseudo grandson (what do you call the son of a child's partner who one has know most of his life?). I have the fabric but until last night didn't have the inspiration. I am going to make six and a half inch squares, my daughter is going to cut some too, and then put them together with wonky sashing. Will keep you posted (no pun intended!).

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Jaye said...

I haven't cut any squares and keep using fabric I buy for the quilt for napkins. We have to get some direction and get going. Perhaps we should do 9 or 9.5" blocks???