Thursday, February 25, 2010

2010 ATCs

Here is another of my ATCs for this year. It is my favorite one so far. I saw an article about Frida Khalo and that made me think about Diego Rivera and that produced this image, inspired by DR's "Flower Seller". One of the things I like about it is that is is monochromatic. I used a blue Prismacolor pen - a new tool for me - which I really like. I have three colors and black and they are really smooth to use.

I have been in the throes of gloom, due partly, I think to the gloomy (say rain rain rain rain) weather and partly to my lack of space. The other day I decided to try to get out of it and looked through some magazines which have been collecting. One article I found talked about not having enough space to do art. The author's fix was great - she started doing ATCs with gouache, an opaque watercolor medium which handles a lot like oil paints. One of the mediums I miss using because of my lack of space is oil paints. So, when I next get to an art store I am coming home with a set of gouache paints. I may have some in the black hole of my storage but they don't keep well or for years so I expect buying new ones will serve me better.

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Jaye said...

I would love to see how this ATC would look a bit larger made from fused fabrics.