Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Munsell Color theory and the not lost dogs

As you may know,  I've come down to Santa Barbara to stay with my nephew while my SB daughter, his guardian,  works in Florida and the Bahamas.  Isn't he photogenic!

SB daughter also shares custody of three dogs with her ex.  You may have seen pictures of the granddogs in the 'Red Sketchbook' area of this blog.  We picked them up Thursday night in my truck.  It now smells like a dog house!  Good thing I like dogs.  Was sunny yesterday so I left the back open all day to air it out.  The sun was really nice.  We sat outside a lot.

Red and Cherry spooning doggy fashion
Red is the biggest and Cherry the smallest.  Nixon was still asleep when I took this photo earlier today.  Because of all the rain, caring for the dogs in a house with white carpeting has been a challenge.  I've found it easiest to dunk each paw in water, swish, and wipe.  I close off the kitchen and let them in, one at a time.  Washing towels twice a day!

While drawing the neutrals  chart, below, I realized a little info on warm and cool colors would be helpful. While looking at your color wheel, with red at the top, all the right hand colors down to teal (B-G) are warm.  All the left hand side through teal (B-G) are cool.  I know I know - I said teal is both warm and cool!  It is, and that depends on what colors it is next to and across from!  Another tough aspect of color theory.

Two Neutrals (center colors)

 Neutrals are hues (colors) achieved by mixing opposites (complements).  Neutrals calm and bring harmony to your design.  Neutrals allow high-contrast and intense colors to draw attention to the focal point. 

Using your preferred medium, make a complete neutrals chart (all ten colors on the Munsell color wheel).  You will have five lines of color because the warms will be on one side and their opposites, usually cools, will on the other side.  For clarity (not like I did above!) put the warm colors on the right and cool colors on the left to correspond to your color wheel.  Have fun!

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