Friday, March 25, 2011

This and that from Santa Barbara

Wednesday afternoon I drove down to Santa Barbara.  My favorite nephew lives with my daughter here.  The SB daughter has to go out of town for work for about a week so here I am, spending time with the nephew.

Last night in the rain and mud the four dogs came home.  What fun!  Two of them, the oldest (my favorite) and the youngest are huge. The oldest is a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix and the youngest is a Newfoundland. There is also the biggest 14 inch standard beagle known to man and the smallest is Cherry, a Maltese (she's the boss).

They woke all of us up at least once during the night.  We each got up to take them out.  Needless to say, we are a tired and grumpy group this morning.  But the nephew showered, ate breakfast and got to school on time.

In my next post I will discuss tints, shades and neutrals.

No pictures today as I am not on my personal computer.

The sun is shining!

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Susan said...

Oh good. Loooking forward to next post.

were the dogs lost?

Susan/Mrs. K