Monday, April 4, 2011


I love zentangles!

Several weeks ago artquiltmaker told me about a drawing/meditation technique called 'Zentangles'.  When I packed to come down to Santa Barbara and stay with the nephew I forgot my cutting mat so cannot cut out the quilt squares I had planned to do.  artquiltmaker had sent nephew a 'Zentangles' book for Christmas and he happened to show it to me.  I was fascinated and began working on some zentangles of my own.  Am now totally tangled!

This kind of drawing is mesmerising and a truly Zen experience.   artquiltmaker  sent the nephew two more zentangle books, numbers 2 & 3, and we are both off and running!  I bought (I know! I already have several...) two moleskine sketchbooks and a square format recycled sketchbook to do tangles in.  The square one is dedicated to tangles.  Haven't started anything in the other two but think one will be dogs and the other an art journal.

I particularly like this tangle.  Reminds me of a futuristic plane.

Doing them in color is cool, too.


Susan said...

Oh my! just watched some you tube movies showing this. I am ready to buy a book or two and some pens.. what great fun. mesmerizing to watch. I can imagine the fun of doing.


Jaye said...

You really inject your own style in the Zentangles. I really see it in the first one.